Bridge – verb. To form a strong link between two groups noun. A beneficial connection between two communities

Bridging the gap between schools and employers – and building a strong community across Greater Manchester – Bridge is changing the future landscape of education across the conurbation and improving the economic benefits for young people and employers alike through their positive connections in the local economy.

We’re fostering innovative, exciting, and above all beneficial relationships between employers and schools in Greater Manchester, providing the business and education sectors with the guidance, support and connections needed to promote success and drive achievement across the board.

Together we can provide the best possible opportunities for Greater Manchester’s young people and create an environment for a highly prosperous regional economy. Greater Manchester’s Combined Authority is striving to reduce the inequalities of opportunity experienced by our young people so that they can be inspired, motivated and better prepared to tap into the future opportunities of GM’s labour market.

Achieving sustained high quality careers provision including the highest quality employer connections will support a motivated pipeline of talent who value all pathways as means of securing employment and responding to what employers need.

Greater Manchester’s business community is committed to supporting the aspirations of our residents and truly meeting the needs of the labour market for generations to come.

As a first step, many employers want to support GM’s young people but are often unsure where best to place their efforts.

Bridge GM presents a simple and effective way to join the dots for employers and educators alike.

Mike Blackburn, Chair of the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership