At Bridge, we’re passionate about closing the gap between the boardroom and the classroom, ensuring that all young people in Greater Manchester have a clear path through education to a successful, rewarding career.

We want to make sure they’re learning the skills right now that they will need later in working life. And to do that, we need your help. We want to give employers like you the chance to make sure students are developing the knowledge and abilities that will make them highly relevant in industries like your own.

With your help and support, we can make a difference in the community and transform the prospects for young people in Greater Manchester, simultaneously building a strong and effective talent pool in the region for your business.

Making Learning Real

Think back to when you were at school. Imagine what it would have been like to have businesses and employers visit your classroom and tell you exactly what you’d need to study and learn in order to get a job with them.

Imagine you had an engineer working on a railway line tell you exactly why learning equations in Maths is vital for success in their industry, or heard from the CEO of an incredibly successful company that they wouldn’t have risen to the top without the English skills they learnt at school.

Experiences and connections like these are invaluable to schools, colleges and young people. You’ll be able to use your own experiences to influence what students are taught in their lessons, helping them to aspire to a great future and learn topics and subjects that have real-world applications.

Supporting Your Growth

As you engage in activities with schools and colleges and contribute directly to the community, you’ll also be supporting the economy of Greater Manchester and your own growth as a business.

You’ll be able to directly address any skills shortages in your industry, developing a long-term talent pool from the outset. You could work closely with the education sector to influence exactly what young people are taught at school, tailoring their learning for what you’ve identified as the essential skills in your business.

In speaking directly with students, you can inspire them to consider a career in your industry and help them get there. You’ll even learn about new educational opportunities and alternative journeys to qualifications, helping you identify the perfect candidates who may come from non-traditional routes.