In Greater Manchester it is our ambition that every school, college and provider achieves a quality standard in careers education information advice and guidance (CEIAG). This ambition gives us confidence that all our young people are experiencing the same level of support when they are preparing for their futures which is absolutely critical.

Greater Manchester secondary schools are already blazing a trail in achieving national validation for their careers provision with over 150 schools working towards achieving Inspiring IAG ‘Gold’ with a significant proportion of schools already ‘Gold’working hard to innovate and push their provision even further. Inspiring IAG is one of the awards that has consistently achieved the Quality in Careers Standard giving it its national standard against other awards. The Quality in Careers Standard ensures that each of the Awards is of the same national standard.

Schools, Colleges and Work-Based Learning Provider in Greater Manchester looking to achieve a quality award for their overall CEIAG programme of activities have chosen to work with IIAG, which is the result of many years collaboration across the 10 Greater Manchester Local Authorities. There are however a number of other awards that may also be of interest listed below.

It is great to see that revised statutory guidance (2015) recommends schools achieve a CEIAG quality award, we’re sure it will feature in the new guidance due out in late Autumn. See the policy section to link to the latest Careers Strategy and DfE Statutory Guidance for further information and the latest updates.