Providing unique insights and helpful figures, Labour Market Information is the ideal tool for bringing lessons to life at school, enhancing the curriculum, career sessions & employer visits, and providing real-world examples of how specific subjects and skills are vital for future employment in the Greater Manchester region.

Our team at Bridge have complied a wealth of data from each sector and area in Greater Manchester, giving you the chance to dive into information on career opportunities, current salaries, promotion prospects and potential job growth. Whether you want to explore skills gaps and unemployment rates in your town, or show students how much they could expect to earn in the profession they’re interested in, Labour Market Information is a vital asset.

We’ve put together this specific guide to explain exactly what Labour Market Information is and how it can be used effectively both in and out of the classroom. Download our helpful guide to learn more about the benefits of LMI in the curriculum, in CEIAG, and how to apply it in practice.

Download the Guide


Use our sector-by-sector Labour Market Information to take a closer look at job opportunities within a specific trade or profession across the whole of Greater Manchester. Explore current Construction roles, the number of positions within Creative Media, employment prospects in Health Care or promotional possibilities in Sport, and many more industries.

Browse by sector and then simply click to download the LMI data for the profession you are interested in. You’ll find clear details on job roles, salaries and potential for growth.