5 reasons to provide strategic guidance

  1. Use your experience and network to inspire young people and improve their chances of getting the right job
  2. Address skills gaps and promote Greater Manchester’s growth sectors
  3. Deepen your connection to the local community
  4. Build your company’s reputation and become an employer of choice
  5. Develop your own interpersonal and strategy skills

Highlighted organisations

GM EAN works in partnership with businesses to ensure they find the right future talent for their organisation and offer every young person in GM, no matter their background, the opportunity to explore their options and succeed in the world of work.


Business can help develop and create economically viable, cohesive communities by supporting young people in schools.  BITC asks all businesses across the UK to support young people in school through a long-term, needs-led collaborative business partnership.


Career Ready is a structured programme of employer engagement that enables schools and colleges to meet their statutory duty for careers. They work with experts in education and business to develop high quality, employer-endorsed materials, which deliver a set of Skills for Career Success.


There are many more organisations that provide information about providing strategic guidance to a school or college across Greater Manchester. For more information, see the resources section or please get in touch with Sophie.

Get in touch

Sophie Hope

Senior Enterprise Coordinator – Greater Manchester

As an Enterprise Coordinator at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, affiliated to The Careers and Enterprise Company, I help young people achieve their potential by supporting and facilitating the relationship between businesses and education across Greater Manchester.

Phone number:
07973 876 884