CEIAG Resources

Resources in this section aim to support the provision of effective career education, information, advice and guidance and to provide access to a wide range of sources and providers to develop your knowledge and support delivery.

Please note that where there is a cost associated with the resource or service this has been clearly identified.

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4x4 in Schools

The Land Rover 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge is an international challenge aimed at key stage 3, 4 and 5 students in school / young people aged 11 – 19 years old in any out of school initiative (i.e. STEM Clubs, Scouts, Cadets, Guides, Youth Clubs, etc...).

The challenge involves 4 to 6 team members working together to design and build a radio controlled 4-wheel-drive (4x4) vehicle, to set specifications, that can successfully negotiate a specially designed test track that emulates real life and what a full scale 4x4 vehicle can do. The challenge is an excellent opportunity for young people to work in teams and gain an awareness and understanding of project management using key skills.

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Adopt a School

This is a scheme organised by Class of Your Own whereby a member organisation (or consortium ) commit to funding a minimum 2 year programme providing recognised construction relevant qualifications to young people. Class of Your Own (COYO) aims to promote careers in the construction industry and with employers providing sponsorship (£6000 a year) and offering mentoring and school engagement COYO provides:

• Design Engineer Construct! Online curriculum resources

• One day Eco classroom Workshop – a professionally led STEM focused event for up to 80 students

• Expert workshop sessions

• Autodesk Design Academy/Entertainment Suite Software and accredited training on this for up to two teachers per school

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Association for Science Education

SchoolScience.co.uk is sponsored by industrial and research partners who provide free on-line science resources for teachers and students. This site is free for all users and promotes both resources created for this site and external resources from around the world.


Visit Association for Science Education

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Barclays Life Skills

LifeSkills created with Barclays, has one single-minded ambition – to inspire young people to get the skills they need for a better future. They have a lot of really useful resources that you can access by registering for free on the site.


LifeSkills works with teachers, parents and businesses to help young people:

Visit Barclays Life Skills

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Best Course for Me

Best Course 4 Me is a website that allows you to look at your career options:

Explore by your chosen career

Explore by subject areas

Explore by university

Compare chosen courses

The site also allows a school to book a careers talk and there are also lesson plans on careers, English, languages, maths, and two on sciences. Best course 4 me can also be accessed as a mobile app. It was developed by the Student Information Service, an independent non profit making charity.

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BP Education Resources

Free resources from BP for ages 11 to 19, Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 (KS3, KS4, KS5) and Curriculum for Excellence 3rd and 4th Levels and Senior phase. BP also runs the Ultimate STEM Challenge and STEM Clubs

Visit BP Education Resources

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Bright Knowledge

There is a huge amount of information on this site for guidance on the different career and education routes that parents and carers could use to support their child. Whether it’s considering university, further education or an apprenticeship. Here are some of the best areas to look at:

• Careers – interviews with professionals in a range of sectors giving insider advice on how you can follow in their footsteps.

You can afford to go to Uni booklet – a great resource to use if your child is considering this route and you would like a clearer picture of the costs involved.


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Business in the Community

BITC believes that the best and most effective way for businesses to support young people facing social disadvantage is to form long term partnerships with the schools that those young people attend.

Using a detailed needs analysis assessment head teachers can define the priorities that they want their business partner to help with. This can be across 4 key areas:

• Leadership and governance

• The Curriculum

• Enterprise and Employability

• Wider Issues

Visit Business in the Community

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Career Connect

Career Connect is a charity who are passionate about providing high quality independent careers advice, bridging the gap to learning and employment and better life chances for young people and adults. They provide a wide range of career management services, some funded by Local Authorities and schools and colleges in your area. They are also delivering their Reach for the Future programme across pre-identified schools in Greater Manchester.

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Career Hacker

Careers and employment information from a broad range of platforms, including social media sites and job market data, to map out the pathways taken by people who are succeeding in their chosen career. This is then translated into an easy-to-understand chart, showing the skills required to achieve success in a host of careers within the Digital Sector. The product makes it simple and straightforward for people to identify the skills they will need to enter a particular industry, and vitally, offers insight that can be used by educators to better align courses to meet current and future industry requirements.

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Career Ready

Career Ready is a UK wide charity linking employers and schools and colleges to try to open up the world of work for 16-18 year olds.

Its objectives are:

• Increased employment chances for young people in the UK

• Increased number of young people in the UK who are ready for the world of work

• Increased number of sustainable education – business relationships contributing to the delivery of high quality careers and employability work in education.


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Careers Advice for Parents

This website is a great place for parents and carers to start for very clear and simple advice around helping their child with their option choices. It contains sections on choices at 16+, apprenticeships, gap years, finance and choosing careers.

Visit Careers Advice for Parents

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Careers advice: Help for Parents of Children with Special Needs or Disabilities

This site provides a high level overview of some of the national organisations that can help you support young people with the transition from school into higher education, further education, training and employment.

Visit Careers advice: Help for Parents of Children with Special Needs or Disabilities

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Careers Lab

Careers Lab enables schools and businesses from a variety of industries to work together to equip young people with the inspiration, knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the UK economy.

The programme works alongside existing careers teaching to provide a modular, progressive framework of lesson and activity plans designed to enrich students’ understanding of career paths and open their minds to the possibilities of the working world.


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Code Club

Code Club is a nationwide network of free volunteer-led after school coding clubs for children aged 9-11.


They create projects for volunteers to teach at after school coding clubs or at non-school venues such as libraries. The projects teach children how to programme by showing them how to make computer games, animations and websites. Volunteers go to their local club for an hour a week and teach one project a week.

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CV Plus

CV Plus is a useful website containing lots of guidance and structured lesson/workshop plans. It has two core functions/features:

• It helps users to build a CV which can be saved and printed

• It allows users to create a ‘wall post’ or a digital record of achievement which can include photos, multi-media content, text, testimonials etc., and can be saved and if required tagged to applications for work, training or learning


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Enabling Enterprise

Enabling Enterprise work in partnership with over 80 businesses and have a base in Manchester. The activities they offer focus on developing and improving eight core skills – teamwork, leadership, listening, presenting, aiming high, staying positive, problem solving and creativity

Visit Enabling Enterprise

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Engineering Design Trust

EDT creates opportunities for young people to enter the world of STEM

EDT provides over 30,000 experiences for young people across the UK each year, by working with EDT your school/college and teachers with receive measurable benefits.

A nationwide education charity providing opportunities for young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Visit Engineering Design Trust

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Engineering UK

Engineering UK is an employer focused not for profit organisation that supports employers to develop their offer to schools. They work in partnership with the engineering community to promote the vital role of engineers and engineering to society. They host a database of employers/schools that are engaged in activity.


Visit Engineering UK

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Fifth Matrix

5th Matrix is a school based careers and networking platform which encourages students to investigate and share careers ideas. It enables students to research, develop and collect information about career opportunities and the skills and training required. It is a valuable part of the Young Chamber package providing a safe and secure online environment.


Visit Fifth Matrix

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Find An Apprenticeship Service

This site is a great resource for parents and carers. It has lots of information for those young people interested in following the apprenticeship route. It’s the place to search and apply for vacancies.

Visit Find An Apprenticeship Service

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First Lego Challenge

Each year FIRST LEGO League releases a Challenge, which is based on a real-world scientific topic.

Each Challenge has three parts: the Robot Game, the Project, and the Core Values. Teams of up to ten children, with at least one adult coach, participate in the Challenge by programming an autonomous robot to score points on a themed playing field (Robot Game), developing a solution to a problem they have identified (Project), all guided by the FIRST LEGO League Core Values.

Participants are exposed to potential career paths within a chosen Challenge topic, in addition to solidifying the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles that naturally come from participating in the program. Team members also learn valuable life and employment skills which will benefit them no matter which career path they choose.

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Founders4Schools’ mission is to improve the life chances of students by giving them access to inspiring business leaders in their community who help them discover the skills and pathways that will be relevant when they leave education. It is a FREE nationwide service that enables teachers to connect with leaders of successful, growing businesses to invite them to visit their schools and inspire their students. F4S want all students in the UK to be well-informed about their future options, motivated to succeed and to lead enterprising lives.

Visit Founders4Schools

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Future First

Supporting schools and colleges in building alumni. They work with every ‘Future First School and College’ to collect details of leavers and to re-establish links with more distant leavers.

The recruited alumni can offer support as:

• Career and educational role models

• Mentors/E – mentors

• Providers of work experience

• Fundraisers/donors

• Governors


Visit Future First

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Get Hired

The Get hired! resource can be delivered as a complete programme, stand alone lessons or integrated in the school’s curriculum alongside subject content.

• A comprehensive 'preparation for work' scheme

• Access to over 400 work based project ideas

• Assess and evaluate their experiences

• Over 140 innovative lesson

• Over 90 learner worksheets,

• Teacher guidance notes,

• Teacher tips

• A comprehensive career guidance scheme of work, and

• 2 innovative DVD's with accompanying worksheets

• Learner reflection sheets

• Learner material to support literacy


Visit Get Hired

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Go Think Big website

GoThinkBig.co.uk is an online digital hub from O2 (O2 Think Big) bringing you the inside scoop on exciting work experience opportunities, valuable career advice, amazing insider contacts and exclusive tips to set you up for your dream career.

Visit Go Think Big website

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‘The best place to find government information and services.’ The site includes links to all the main government departments and is the place to start searching for apprenticeships; applying for a student loan; and for registering and using Universal Jobs Match as well as numerous other services.

Visit GOV.UK  

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Greater Manchester – Young Chamber

Young Chamber, part of Greater Manchester’s Chamber of Commerce, is a membership offer for schools and sixth form colleges. The purpose is to help bridge the gap between business and the education sector. Young Chamber member schools and colleges can benefit from some of the following:

  • Member companies attending careers fairs and mock interview sessions
  • Industry specific speakers
  • Employer site visits
  • Assistance with business governor recruitment
  • Assistance with engagement with training providers, colleges and universities
  • Local business networking opportunities
  • PR opportunities

Employers of all sizes can get involved in Young Chamber as a one off intervention, or they can commit to working with a school/college on a more long-term basis.

Visit Greater Manchester – Young Chamber

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Growing Ambitions

Growing Ambitions work in partnership with Education and Employer Taskforce and the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. For businesses they help them connect with schools, and in turn help schools engage with their students. Businesses can enrich learning and showcase industry to the next generation of young people. For teachers they help identify suitable schemes that provide curriculum supported lesson plans, careers advice and local visits and work experience.



Visit Growing Ambitions

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icould is a small, dynamic charity, providing career inspiration and information for young people. We show what is possible in work and offer different ways to think about careers through free access to over 1000 personal video stories, detailed job information, plus practical tips, insight and advice.

Visit icould

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Imagineering Clubs operate after School where students have fun making from kits a series of working engineering models which they can take home when completed to share with their families.

Visit Imagineering

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IMI Autocity

The automotive industry influences everyone, from delivering goods on time, to commuters travelling to work and emergency services being able to respond to crisis. The motor industry helps to keep the country moving.

Autocity is the one-stop-shop for careers information and advice on careers in the Retail Motor Industry. Whether you are an individual looking to start or progress your career, or a teacher or careers advisor who supports others in making their career choices. The site includes a search facility for apprenticeships in the automotive industry

Visit IMI Autocity

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Inspiring the Future

Inspiring the Future is run by the charity ‘Education and Employers’ and aims to connect state schools and colleges with employers and people from the world of work. The Lead Corporate sponsor is Bank of America, Merrill Lynch. Volunteers pledge one hour a year to help in a state school or college near where they live or work. This is usually giving a talk about their job and career route. Though employers can offer help with CVs, interview practice, numeracy and literacy and take up a role as a school governor. The website uses the concept of online match making.


Visit Inspiring the Future

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Jaguar - Maths in Motion

Now in its 16th year, the Challenge is getting more popular than ever before and is currently being used by schools in 12 countries. We have engaged and motivated well over 1,500,000 young people since we started. Our aims are simple; to help raise standards of achievement in mathematics across an age range of 8 to 16, to help motivate students generally, to show students of all abilities that maths can be fun and that there is a reason for doing it. We are also committed to helping them consider taking up careers in engineering wherever possible.

Using tried and tested ‘Cloud’ based software that simulates the setting up of a racing car, students, working in small teams, complete a series of STEM relevant tasks in an effort to produce the perfect car. This ‘virtual’ car is then entered into a competitive race in the hope of winning it. The Challenge also involves students racing against teams from other schools and countries. The competitiveness of the Challenge will keep your students focussed for months!

Visit Jaguar - Maths in Motion

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Jobzone is a website that allows you to search thousands of jobs and apprenticeships throughout the UK. The first step is that you must select your age group between 14-17 or 18 and over.

The site is divided as follows:

• Choosing a job – industries/job paths/part-time work

• Search jobs

• Interview advice – techniques/what not to wear/practice questions

• Work experience – work experience explained/types of work experience/how to get work experience

• Videos – hundreds of career related films

• Top 10s – e.g. Top 10 dangerous jobs, Top 10 paying jobs, Top 10 careers of the future

• Job hunting – where to look/how to research

• Go Abroad – take a year out/study or work abroad


Visit Jobzone

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Learn Live

Learn Live uses technology to create virtual employment engagement opportunities. It connects business with schools through a live and interactive portal.

Visit Learn Live

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M-ploy Solutions Limited

MPLOY SOLUTIONS Limited provides innovative, flexible and affordable work related and employability programmes linking together the worlds of business and education. Based in Northwich, Cheshire and operating across the UK the MPLOY SOLUTIONS team of staff and Directors are experts in their field with a proven track record of delivering high quality services

Visit M-ploy Solutions Limited

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Founded by HRH The Prince of Wales, Mosaic inspires young people from deprived communities to realise their talents and potential. Mosaic’s mentoring programmes in schools and prisons are delivered by volunteers and lift the aspirations of young people and close the gap between those aspirations and their attainment.

Visit Mosaic

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National Careers Service

The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance across England to help you make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities. The service offers confidential and impartial advice. This is supported by qualified careers advisers.

Visit National Careers Service

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Not going to Uni

A useful website for students who want to know what their options are as an alternative to university. It covers apprenticeships, alternative courses, college higher education, sponsored education, distance learning, work experience/interns, employment and training, gap year, jobs and traineeships.

There is an advice centre with the opportunity to have a live web chat for personal advice and a useful blog section where certain key words and sectors can be looked up.


Visit Not going to Uni

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One Education

One Education recognises the daily challenges faced by educational professionals and strives to support school colleagues through a unique breadth of specialist services and education expertise, delivering measurable pupil intervention and outstanding leadership support.

Ranging from HR, payroll, finance, governance and ICT to teaching and learning, educational psychology, inclusion, social, mental and emotional health, attendance, careers, outdoor education, music and education recruitment, their services deliver consistently high quality support as and when it is needed.

Visit One Education

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Oxfam Education

Through providing fully trained volunteer speakers, Oxfam can support learners to explore global issues, Oxfam's work, and what we can all do to bring about change.


Sessions are aimed at learners aged 8-18 and are suitable for work across the curriculum. Available in England and Wales.

Visit Oxfam Education

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People and Planet

People & Planet’s education team specialise in delivering exciting, interactive workshops for students in schools and colleges.


As the UK’s largest student network campaigning on human rights, global poverty and the environment, and one of the top 100 youth brands, we are uniquely placed to empower your students become active global citizens.


Our workshops are suitable for school and college students age 14+. They are largely based on participative exercises, meaning discussions are led by and adapted for the group’s own level of ability and knowledge.


Our workshops are designed to be active and engaging - we don’t do lectures! Instead, students will be encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills by working through the issues using games, quizzes and group discussion

Visit People and Planet

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Plotr is a fantastic website with detailed lesson plans on a wide range of topics and links to key career resources.

Visit Plotr

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Positive Steps

Positive Steps provide a range of information, advice, guidance and employability support for young people in Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside aged 13 to 19 helping them to make a smooth transition to adulthood and working life through services delivered in schools, colleges and in the local community.

Visit Positive Steps

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Primary Engineer

Primary Engineer is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2005. Our aim is to encourage young people to consider careers in STEM related professions.

They believe that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are key subjects in securing positive opportunities and career paths for future generations, and that this begins in Primary school.


'STEM by stealth' was coined by a teacher after attending a Primary Engineer course. It summarises our work exactly: practically applying Mathematics and Science to design and make activities, leaving both children and teachers inspired. Our work is supported by industry, education and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Visit Primary Engineer

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Prospects are the experts in graduate careers. They help to guide students and graduates to a bright future with unrivalled information, advice and opportunities


They provide a portfolio of graduate career and postgraduate study recruitment options and work in close partnership with HE and further education (FE) professional bodies and government to deliver unique services that benefit the sector as a whole

Visit Prospects

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Reach Out

ReachOut is a charity that changes the lives of young people from disadvantaged communities in London and Manchester through one-to-one mentoring. They provide academic support and character education to help young people get a better start in life and go on to achieve future goals.

Visit Reach Out

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Rotary Club

Thousands of youngsters take part every year in youth competitions which in most cases take the form of regional heats followed by a national final. The majority are categorised into junior, intermediate and advanced age groups.


Rotary Young Chef


Rotary Youth Speaks


Rotary Young Musician


Rotary Young Photographer


Rotary Young Writer


Rotary Technology Tournament


Rotary Young Citizen Awards

Visit Rotary Club

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School Speakers

School Speakers, set up by entrepreneur Apprentice TV star Claire Young, is the UK's No.1 agency working with schools (primary and secondary), colleges and universities to provide talks, workshops and full day activities. for students. We work with schools nationwide, and internationally, on a daily basis supporting key events in the academic calendar. Having over 300 speakers registered with us we are confident that we can provide you with a speaker that will enthuse, motivate and raise aspirations amongst your students.

Visit School Speakers

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Seetec is a national training provider with over 30 years experience of delivering apprenticeships and skills programmes to people to support the unemployed and young people into employment. Seetec Manchester has a training centre based in the heart of Manchester City Centre and delivers programmes across the whole of GM. These programmes include Traineeships and programmes for the unemployed that provide qualifications, work experience, maths and English and support with employability techniques to successfully progress people into employment.

Visit Seetec

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Skill Explorer

Skill Explorer provides a flexible and dynamic programme led suite of features designed to raise standards and improve the efficiencies and cost effectiveness of the delivery of CEIAG and work/skills based learning across KS3,4 and 5.

The programme has a Teachers’ Zone and a Students’ Zone.

Visit Skill Explorer

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Skills to Succeed Academy

Skills to Succeed Academy is a free online learning programme created by Accenture. It aims to help address youth employment in the UK and to support young people on their journey to finding and maintaining a job.

It offers 3 courses and 35 interactive online learning modules designed to help young jobseekers:

• Build skills to choose a career

• Apply for and find a job

• Be successful in a work environment

Visit Skills to Succeed Academy

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STEMettes aim is to inspire the next generation of females into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) fields by showing them the amazing women already in STEM via a series of panel events, hackathons, exhibitions, and mentoring schemes

Visit STEMettes

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STEMNET (the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network) creates opportunities to inspire young people in STEM.


We strive to deliver our vision and purpose by working with thousands of schools, colleges and STEM employers, to enable young people of all backgrounds and abilities to meet inspiring role models, understand real world applications of STEM subjects and experience hands-on STEM activities that motivate, inspire and bring learning and career opportunities to life.


STEMNET delivers 3 national programmes:

STEM Ambassadors

STEM Clubs Programme

Schools STEM Advisory Network

Visit StemNET

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Step Into the NHS

Health Careers, formerly NHS Careers, was set up to encourage people to think about the joining the NHS team. They are dedicated to providing help and information to people who are interested in working in the NHS and other health employers in any one of the 350 careers on offer. They can help with information on what it is really like to work in health, how to get started in a career in the NHS or on the training and study needed to qualify for different jobs.

Visit Step Into the NHS

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Stepping Into Business

Stepping Into Business runs a number of programmes from primary age upwards


Not all children are learning about ways their curriculum can really change their life or those of others.

Their enterprise programmes support their local community, young people learn essential lifeskills: resilience, communication, problem solving, teamwork and confidence, boosting their ambition and aspirations.

Their core approach is all learning should be fun, relevant, experiential and inspiring.


Their flexible and modular programmes run from half a day to full programmes across weeks or terms. Schools can enrich or extend activities depending on their own needs and time available. All their content is mapped to curriculum and has demonstrable links to the Ofsted framework and the Gatsby Benchmarks. They work with children from primary age upwards. What they do is fun, so that working together is a memorable, positive experience and children can see the results of their actions.

Visit Stepping Into Business

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Success at School

Success at School is the place for young people to explore careers, get the lowdown on top employers, and search for the latest jobs, courses and advice

Visit Success at School

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Talent 2030

Talent 2030 is an ambitious campaign powered by NCUB to encourage more talented young females to pursue careers in manufacturing and engineering – including software development.

Visit Talent 2030

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TeenTech runs lively one-day events, with a year-round supporting awards scheme, to help young teenagers see the wide range of career possibilities in Science, Engineering and Technology.


TeenTech events take place at venues across the UK – at each event 300 pupils from 30 different schools benefit from hands-on exhibits and challenges run by leading organisations. TeenTech works collaboratively with Education Business Partnerships, companies, Universities and business organisations to create these very special experiences for young people.


Visit TeenTech

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TES Resources. For teachers, by teachers

Find lesson plans, schemes of work, presentations, student activities and assessment, mix of paid for and free resources.

Visit TES

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The Challenge

Launched in 2009, The Challenge is the UK’s leading charity for building a more integrated society, a society in which there is understanding and appreciation of each other’s differences. We design and deliver programmes that bring different people together to develop their confidence and skills in understanding and connecting with others. In 2009, approximately 160 young people participated in our programmes; in 2015 we reached circa 34,000 participants. Our three programmes are NCS, HeadStart and Step Forward.

Visit The Challenge

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The Ideas Foundation

The Ideas Foundation aims to increase diversity in the creative industries. They identify & nurture creatively gifted young people who are not thriving in the education system with a view to giving them skills to gain employment

Visit The Ideas Foundation

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The Institute of Engineering and Technology - Faraday Challenge

Free teaching resources for science, design and technology, engineering and maths

Classroom activities for students aged 11-19 years with film clips, online games, posters, careers resources and STEM activity days.

Visit The Institute of Engineering and Technology - Faraday Challenge

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The Job Junction

The Job Junction acts as a gateway for employers and partners to fruitfully engage with the schools and their young people. The Job Junction is a physical space within an institution. The livery and branding is closely controlled. The termly programme is delivered within this space.

Visit The Job Junction

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The Manufacturing Institute

As an independent charity, they aim to inspire the next generation of manufacturing talent working creatively with schools, community groups and local businesses. Their schools Make It Challenges have inspired more than 60,000 teenagers and teachers and this work will now expand across the UK thanks to a grant from the Careers and Enterprise Fund. And through their Fab Lab network – digital fabrication laboratories – they engage with entrepreneurs, SME’s, students and community groups to bring new ideas to life.

Visit The Manufacturing Institute

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This site includes free teaching resources with related curriculum topics, suggested practical activities and assembly materials, as well as interactive games, career profiles and  a resources database linking to external organisations – helping you to get the most out of your planning and preparation time.


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Tomorrow's Engineers

Tomorrow’s Engineers is more than a one stop shop for information and resources about the amazing careers available in engineering. We also run a schools programme to help inspire the next generation of engineers which reached over 200,000 young people in 2015.


Working with businesses, not for profit organisations and charities, the programme is made up of a number of initiatives, such as industry visits, workshops, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Ambassador partnerships and careers resources, to help schools to incorporate engineering into the current curriculum and plant the seeds needed to grow local engineering talent required by businesses.

Visit Tomorrow's Engineers

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U- Explore

U-Explore develops and delivers impartial careers and employability programmes for schools and colleges, students and parents.

U-Explore believes that careers information, advice and guidance has to be far more relevant, engaging and purposeful for young people. They provide a range of flexible, tailor-made packages from their innovative Start software to Pathways Tracker, U-Explore Online, careers guidance, training and support and professional consultation services.



Start is an innovative and easy-to-use careers guidance software helping young people make better and more informed choices about their career path. Connected to live labour market information and course data, Start allows users to create a personal profile which generates suitable jobs, qualifications and new destinations to explore. Ideal for schools and colleges, students and parents, Start is free to use.

Visit U- Explore

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UCAS Progress – After GCSEs

The ‘after GCSEs’ area of this site is a clear guide to help you and your child think through their options after GCSEs. There is useful information to help your parents and carers and their child think through what it’s like to study at a 6th form, college or university and other options available. Use the ‘explore jobs’ search to look into jobs your child might have never considered - would your child be interested in becoming an Aerospace engineer or a Forensic scientist?

Visit UCAS Progress – After GCSEs

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WorldSkills UK

WorldSkills UK champions world-class apprenticeships and technical skills.

They do this by engaging young people in skills competitions, delivering experiential careers events, role modelling to challenge stereotypes and using their research to support the apprenticeship agenda. Their goals are to support business competitiveness, young people’s employability and excellence in standards.


World Skills will be hosting a large event in Manchester in March 2016 - look our for updates!

Visit WorldSkills UK

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Young Enterprise

The main programme is for 15 to 19 year olds. It runs for one academic year and focuses on groups of 10-12 students. It is generally run as an extra curricula activity. The students set up a company and work with a business mentor. Young Enterprise have recently merged with the Personal Finance Educational Group (PFEG) and together they do a lot of CPD with teachers.

Visit Young Enterprise

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Your Daughter’s Future, A Toolkit for Parents

A guide specifically for parents of girls aged 12-13 to help them support their daughters as they make important decisions about their next steps. It explores issues such as what makes some people think certain careers aren’t suitable for girls and how to challenge some of the stereotypes.

Visit Your Daughter’s Future, A Toolkit for Parents

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Your Life/My Kinda Future

Best School Trip Ever! “Memorable workplace visits revealing first-hand the amazing careers available through studying STEM”. The Best School Trip programme, created and delivered by the Your Life campaign, supports employers across the UK to open up their workplaces to 13-16 year old students and their teachers, offering a memorable experience and insight into their business and people. The overall aim of the programme is to drive uptake of Maths and Physics at A Level by showing young people the dynamic career opportunities unlocked by studying these subjects.

Visit Your Life/My Kinda Future

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