Zoe Brooke, one of our Salford Enterprise Advisers from Whitfield and Brown, recently shared this short piece on LinkedIn. We love that Zoe is so passionate about the work that we all do, she’s an amazing ambassador!

Collaboration is a word that is frequently used in construction and banded about sometimes without really being endorsed in the true sense. This morning I was privileged to attend a meeting that demonstrates this in its entirety.

Sarah Scanlan, GMCA’s Salford Enterprise Coordinator and Policy & Development Officer for Salford City Council, assembled together 17 Head Teachers from Salford High Schools and Special Needs Schools to meet with the Careers and Enterprise Advisers (of which I am proud to be one, supported also by Whitfield & Brown employees!) to discuss the future Enterprise Adviser (EA) programme and Careers Strategy.

Endorsing their support at the meeting was Councillor Walsh, Executive Support for Education and Learning and the Young Lord Mayor, Kayleigh Peacock.

The agenda allowed for the exchange of dialogue between the EAs and the head teachers to determine how employers can effectively work with the schools, successes and barriers and concluded with positive outcomes on effective measures for communication and achieving the common goal of supporting individuals through meaningful interactions for the pupils aged 11-16 in the Salford Region.

My involvement with Salford City Council & GMCA is beyond rewarding and I am thrilled to be working alongside representatives from Urban Vision/Capita, MAG, Salix Homes, Mettler Toledo, Cargill Group, Tesco, Morson/Vital, WalkTall Creative, Cavendish Nuclear and Manchester & Cheshire Construction, all of whom are determined to instil enthusiasm and aspire the next generation.