Providers as Partners of Bridge GM

Bridge GM is a collaboration between education, business and the market experts offering careers related activity and professional guidance. The value of a responsive market place offering innovative and high quality opportunities means the needs of young people across Greater Manchester can be met in a much more dynamic and efficient way. Working with you to help shape the offer for young people is a privilege and enriches the work of the careers strategy.

The Careers and Participation work sets out the values that we feel are important to us.  We hope that providers working with us will share these values when working with our schools and colleges, employers and other providers working to support young people.

  • Promote equality of opportunities for all young people
  • Empower and enable partners / wider stakeholders, with the best information and research, to become key drivers in this arena
  • Work collaboratively, honestly and openly together across the partnership
  • Deploy resources carefully and ensure value for money
  • Strive to make a positive difference to the lives of young people and their families
  • Commit to being outstanding in the approach to the priorities in the strategy
  • Ensure the work of the strategy has a legacy
  • Seek to add value

Bridge GM is inclusive and welcomes all providers of careers activity to work with us to support our strategic objectives.   There are several ways you can get involved in our strategic and operational work:

  1. Complete our partnership agreement – an exercise that lets us know all about you and your offer and shows us how your provision supports our priorities
  2. Work with the team to upload your offer onto the directory of activity on Bridge GM
  3. Support our five work strands by supporting current and future delivery
  4. Share will us your good news stories and case studies
  5. Tell us about any events you have and we will put them on the calendar

Download Careers for Young People in GM Presentation (Powerpoint)

Bridge GM Partnership Agreement (PDF)